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Real Estate & Infrastructure Laws

Our Firm provides comprehensive services in all aspect of property and real estate transactions including advising and drafting deeds and reports on title, purchase, sale, leasing, tenancy, licensing, construction, development and mortgage. We have long experience in litigation related to property disputes including under Transfer of Property Act, Land Acquisition Act, Delhi Land Reform Act etc.

Besides above, we provide following legal services to our clients namely:

  • Proceedings pertaining to Land acquisition Act before LAC
  • Mutation of properties/estates
  • Patwari related works
  • Documentation and Registration of Power Of Attorney (GPA/SPA) / sale deed/ Agreement to sell etc.
  • Projects and retail property transactions
  • Real estate investment and development projects
  • Property joint ventures
  • Property related acquisitions and dispositions
  • Property related project finance
  • Formation of Trusts and estate management
  • Legal documentation and advice on Sale/Purchase/Lease of Property
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Land Use Regulations
  • Mortgage and Finance Agreements
  • Building, Development and Construction Contracts
  • House Tax disputes

We have advised legally on the law related to real estate to various clients which includes Real estate companies, individuals, farmers, landlords and lessee.

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